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Interested in hiring a Video Editor and/or outsourcing your video editing needs? My video editing services will enable your company to spend less time editing and more time creating, improving quality and quantity of your content. Editing and matching my clients' visions is my specialty.

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My Clients

Damon and Jo

I work as a multilingual video editor for the travel YouTube channel Damon and Jo. With over 1.1 million subscribers, I edit 1-2 videos weekly for the channel in English, Portuguese, and/or Italian. 


I am also a multilingual video editor for a spinoff channel of Damon and Jo, Brazindians. Brazindians is a new channel and is growing rapidly, accruing 1000+ subscribers per week. I edit between 1-3 videos weekly and have edited content in English, Portuguese, and Punjabi.


In preparation for a Start-Up Showcase, I created 2 motion graphic advertisements (6 second and 15 second) for SWEEP, a Social Media Cleanup tool being created by students at the University of Nevada, Reno.


Adobe Premiere Pro

I work primarily with Adobe Premiere Pro and am proficient in all aspects of the video software, from basic cuts, to audio enhancement and color grading.


Adobe After Effects

I work with After Effects for basic motion graphics and text edits, as well as intros and outros.

Final Cut Pro X

I work with Final Cut Pro X for my current YouTube clients.

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