Throughout my four months in Southeast Asia, I traveled throughout Thailand to create marketing content for USAC Study Abroad.


University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) - Digital Media Videographer

I spent Fall Semester 2017 living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, studying at Chiang Mai University, and working as a Digital Intern for USAC Study Abroad. Throughout the semester, I completed various projects to market the Chiang Mai program. I took thousands of photos around the country and created many videos. Living in Thailand was a perspective-changing, incredible, challenging, and unforgettable experience.

Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand

Throughout my time in Thailand, I was able to travel to rural hill tribe villages to capture the history and culture of the Hmong, Laru, and Ahka Hill Tribes. Being able to document the ways of life for these people while gaining and understanding for their history and culture gave me a newfound interest in documenting cultures around the world via photo and video.